Claims Assistance

Reporting a Claim

For after hours claims service, please contact (613) 237-2871 and press 4 to be immediately connected with a Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Claims Representative. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would prefer to contact your insurance company directly, please see our list of emergency claim numbers below.

Aviva Insurance: 

Chieftain Insurance: 

Dominion of Canada: 

Intact Insurance: 613-748-3000

Northbridge Insurance: 1-855-621-6262

Economical Insurance:

1-888-875-8088 (Quebec Only)

Guarantee Company of North America

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What to do: Automobile Accident

You’ve been in an auto accident. Now what?

  1. If the accident is an emergency Dial 911. ONLY DIAL 911 IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.
  2. If the accident is not an emergency call your local police department – always call the police. To report an accident in The Ottawa Region call 613-230-6211
  3. Move Vehicles out of traffic if it is possible. Do not drive the vehicle unless it is safe to do so.
  4. Record details of the accident ‚ where it happened, time, date, location, speed, weather and road conditions.
  5. Draw a sketch of the accident showing position and direction of all vehicles. If possible take pictures.
  6. Answer police questions honestly. Make no comments or admit any blame for the accident to the other driver(s). Your insurance company will determine fault based on the Fault Determination Rules regulated by the Ontario Government.
  7. Get names, address, telephone numbers, drivers license numbers, plate numbers, and insurance details from everyone involved.
  8. Note the badge numbers and names of any attending officers.
  9. Get names and address of any witnesses if available.
  10. Have your vehicle taken to an automobile repair garage to get an estimate. Do not permit any repairs to the vehicle without the consent of the Insurance company.
  11. Call your insurance broker or company for advice. Be prepared to provide all the information gathered at the scene including; the year, make, model, VIN number, and the name of the person driving. Provide the police report number that was given to you.


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What to do: Property Claim

Fire, Water Escape or Wind Damage Claims

  1. Ensure everyone is safe
  2. If at all possible, move obvious valuables out of harm’s reach
  3. Call your broker or their after-hours emergency number
  4. Keep receipts of any expenses
  5. Make list of damages & items damaged

Break & Entry (or Theft) Claims

  1. If your home has been broken into, do not enter
  2. Call the police
  3. Call your broker or their after-hours emergency number
  4. Keep record of investigating police (name, division no., badge no.)
  5. Make list of stolen items
  6. Make list of damages to property

We recommend that you take a full inventory of your personal contents. To aid you in this we make available a pdf inventory template. Click here to download the form.

If the total amount of the inventory form comes to more than the amount of your insurance, please contact us to arrange for additional coverage.

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