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Cyber Security and Privacy Liability

As of July 1, 2018, your ICCRC-CRCIC Errors & Omissions Insurance now includes Cyber Security and Privacy Liability. The coverage provides the following limits:

$50,000 Limit Annually Per Member

$1,000,000 Annual Aggregate Limit for All Members

Cyber Security and Privacy Liability Coverage Highlights:

Security Breach – Third party liability risk associated with failure to prevent the unauthorized access to or use of a computer software, network or electronic information system, the unauthorized introduction of a computer virus or similar program, or the unauthorized access to third party corporate information.

Privacy Breach – Third party liability risk related to unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal information.

Data Personal Injury – Third party liability risk relating to personal injury arising out of the distribution or display of data, by means of a website, the Internet, an intranet or similar device or system, designated or intended for electronic communication of data.

Remediation and Notification Expenses – First party expenses including, but not limited to, cyber breach coach fees, credit monitoring, computer security expert costs, as well as costs for notification and communication, public relations. Advertising or other media services to mitigate a potential loss due to cyber security and privacy liability.