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You can report a claim directly to Victor Canada using 3 different methods as follows:

Email (claims reporting): newclaims.ca@victorinsurance.com
Telephone: 1-800-267-6684
Facsimile: 1-613-786-2001


Victor Canada online link: https://www.victorinsurance.ca/en/pl/claims/reportclaim_propertyandliability.html

The ICCRC insurance plan covers claims for an error, omission or a negligent act in the rendering of services as an Immigration Consultant in accordance with regulations of the ICCRC.

Any alleged or potential claim received by an ICCRC member (verbally or in writing) should be reported promptly to Victor Canada. If an ICCRC member is aware of any circumstance which could reasonably give rise to a CLAIM, the ICCRC member shall give written notice thereof to Victor Canada as soon as practicable. In other words, do not ignore circumstances and report any third-party complaints against you immediately, so Victor Canada can properly investigate the claim on your behalf.

It is the responsibility and obligation of the ICCRC member to personally report any potential or alleged claim to Victor Canada. Upon receiving verbal or written notice, the claim should be reported directly by the Insured (ICCRC member) and not from the third party making the complaint against the ICCRC member. Victor Canada needs the ICCRC members version to confirm the specific details of the alleged claim and to determine coverage under the program.

ICCRC members that have enrolled in the ICCRC insurance program and any present or former employee while acting within their scope of their duties.

Yes, a $500 deductible is applied per loss and will be the responsibility of the individual ICCRC member.

Yes, the application process authorizes claims information to be released by Victor Canada to the Registrar of the ICCRC for review of member conduct and for educational purposes. All claims information is handled with confidentiality.

The overall claims results of the entire program will have an impact on the rates and are reviewed annually. Individual claims are currently not being surcharged but subject to review on an ongoing basis depending on the circumstances.

A claims adjuster will be assigned by Victor Canada to review your claim and will contact you to discuss the claim. Victor Canada claims can be reached at 1-800-267-6684. You can also call your broker, Smith Petrie Carr and Scott Insurance Brokers for claims follow up or assistance with claims service at 1-877-432-5118.

Victor Canada Insurance Managers underwrite the ICCRC insurance program. Victor Canada has been a trusted name in professional liability for many years. As a leading managing general agent in Canada, Victor Canada offers insurance programs for individuals, professionals, organizations and businesses, which are available exclusively through brokers and plan advisors across the country.

Victor Canada’s insurance programs are underwritten by a select group of carriers who have demonstrated leadership in the industry. With offices in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Mississauga, Victor Canada has more than 240 employees across the country.

For more information, please visit Victor Canada’s website at http://www.victorinsurance.ca

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