Richard: “I had the immense privilege to work with Marilyn Thauvette (account manager) at Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Insurance over the past six years. Marilyn is an extremely professional, effective and knowledgeable individual that always goes above and beyond expectations to provide the best service and value to the customer. Working with Marilyn saves me time and effort as I know, without a doubt, she will always provide me with the best deal on my house and car insurance policies. Thanks again Marilyn for the excellent service and looking forward to working with you further in the years to come.

Your best customer – Richard.”

Fiona: “We’ve been with SPCS for years and always very happy with their service.

Shelley has been especially helpful in looking for the best options for us – and personalizing the experience.”

Kirk: “This was my first time buying auto insurance, so I wanted to fully understand my policy and how insurance works. Eric Lalonde understood this, and provided excellent information and answered all the questions I had. In addition, he provided us with the best quote around. Highly recommended!”

Vicky: “Shelley was fantastic at helping me get my auto insurance in order, she did it all in a day for me to get my car on time! She was great at explaining the policy and all that it included. A++.”

Mary:  “Thank you again for your amazing and thoughtful assistance. You have made the loss of this family heirloom much less painful.”

Francine: “My Account Manager, Marilyn Thauvette, always provides amazing service. My husband and I have a tendency to do things spur of the moment and she is always there to accommodate us. I have been with her for many many years and definetly recommend her to anyone looking for amazing customer service! I must also add that Smith Petrie Carr and Scott have very good prices for insurance so it’s a big WIN WIN! Marilyn, you are the best!!!”

Greg: ” I recently had a minor fender-bender in a parking lot which was not my fault, and the other party was less than truthful to say the least. My account manager went to great lengths to explain my options and work with me to resolve the issue with both the police and the company claims adjuster.Huge thanks to Archie MacDonald who in my opinion went above and beyond the call of duty spending valuable time with me to resolve the claim to my satisfaction. Many thanks!!”

Sandra: “I was in need of an insurance broker due to a series of unfortunate events. A friend recommended Smith Petrie Carr & Scott . This group of professionals especially Jennifer Jacob and Cynthia Page helped to turn a tough time into a more tolerable experience. They were very prompt, thorough and pleasant.Kudos and thanks for the great service!!”

Brad: ”Overall my experience with SPCS has been extremely positive. I was searching for a new insurance broker and a friend recommended SPCS. I am thankful that he did, because I have been very happy with the level of service and the competitive rates. Terri-Leigh is our Account Manager and she was able to seamlessly find us the best price for auto & home insurance. She responds immediately to emails and was very knowledgeable when I had any questions. We were able to quickly cancel our previous insurance policies and setup new policies with SPCS.
I would highly recommend Terri-Leigh as an Account Manager.”

Brent: “Total professionals through and through. As someone who has previously worked in insurance I can instantly recognize someone who is competent from quote to claim. The value of a good broker is not just their ability to quote from multiple insurers but to take the confusion out of the whole insurance experience.”

Sherry: ”I desperately needed my new home insured the day before closing, and Eric Lalonde from the team responded first thing in the morning to my inquiry. He had given me a checklist of all the things he needed to get the process started firsthand; as a new home buyer, he was also kind enough to explain certain terminologies for me. Our entire interaction required two emails and one phone call in the span of about 4 hours and everything was done for me. Would definitely recommend such an efficient and professional facility.”